All aboard, The school bus is here

We achieve in our family

Monthly savings in the family economy.
Increase the safety level of your children.
Avoid making several trips at different times to school.
Students socialize along the way.

School transport to society:
A bus emits fewer polluting gases into the atmosphere than the cars of each of the passengers traveling the same route.
Reduce pollution significantly in the city.
Avoid problems of congestion and urban traffic.
Increase the safety of children and transportation in Mexico.

School Transportation supports always arriving in a timely and punctual manner.
To our parents where both develop professionallystrong, we support giving them freedom of schedule..
It helps society to reduce traffic and pollution, by reducing 90% of the vehicular influx of the school.
That is why school transportation is a benefit not only for the integrity and safety of your children, but also for the family economy.

We have a satellite tracking system, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and travel insurance.

We travel together.

The British knows it, that’s why we are at your service.

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