About us:

At  we are more than a  with the highest quality standards; We are an organization that works on the development of our community, strengthening the values ​​and learning process of our students in an environment of respect and cordiality.

We have developed a program suited to the needs and requirements of international education standards.
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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement:

We are an educational institution that promotes children and young people with an international mindset, bilingual, with a high educational level, aware of their national identity, interaction and responsibility with the world; being critical, creative, and innovative thinkers, complying with a framework that allows the satisfaction of our school’s community.


To be one of the best alternatives for a multicultural and personalized education, having as one of our main objectives, to promote our students with an institutional growth, as well as to become a school with an international recognition, having the satisfaction of all those who are part of our community


Respect: Be tolerant, listen to people’s opinions, express ideas with confidence, and respect diversity, community, and life..
Integrity: Act with honesty, fairness, and respect.
Responsibility: Be supportive, thoughtful, have an open mind, and the ability to respond effectively to any situation.
Essential Agreements
I take care of myself.
I don’t hurt myself or others.
I use everything to grow, learn, and advance

Quality politics

At British American School we are aware of all the growth processes of our students and the importance of the support they require at each stage of their lives, therefore, we have specialists in child and youth psychopedagogy, who implement workshops and different programs for parents and students.

We actively contribute to our community in improving the social environment, respect for diversity and economic and environmental development. Striving for academic honesty, assertive communication and continuous improvement in each of our processes.

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